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Thread: Alameda Marina redevelopment

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    It sounds like the pro-marina voices that stood tall and questioned the original intent have made an impact.


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    Good job to the army ants and busy bees gettin er done!

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    We also are examining options for our customers to relocate to alternative dry boat and RV storage sites, starting with sites in Alameda and expanding throughout the Bay Area. Options currently include:
    Berkeley Marina (2-ton hoist)
    Encinal Yacht Club (3-ton hoist)
    Treasure Island Sailing Center (3-ton hoist)
    Well their "examination" is not going very well. Encinal is for members only, very limited space and is NOT a 3-ton as I recall. TISC is 2-ton.

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    Well it is good that they are putting in a new crane, but I don't believe the water is very deep in that area defined in drawing and no pier pilings exist there.
    Would make a lot more sense to rehab the old location on other side of harbormasters office.

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    The opposing 90-degree parallel parking spaces in the dry storage area are going to make it difficult to impossible to back up into.

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    Not good for auto assist, but power dolly, not such a problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IOR Geezer View Post
    Not good for auto assist, but power dolly, not such a problem?
    On crunch days (3BF, Ditch etc) the logistics don't seem practical with a mule? Now boats and trailers queue up in an approach lane (along graving dock), back up to hoist, launch boat with queueing on dock, car and trailer take separate lane out. Similar u type traffic pattern when 2 ton hoist was operable.

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    Call to action- by Tuesday May 29th Alameda Planning Board Decision on
    Alameda Marina

    Greetings from Save Alameda’s Working Waterfront (SAWW) the original
    citizen’s volunteer group founded in Nov 2015 in response to Bay West
    announced plans for Alameda Marina. We are low budget, low tech but
    energetic and passionately involved and could use
    your support at this critical time by attending the May 29th Planning
    Board decision meeting and sending in email to oppose the proposal.
    Details follow.

    Bay West has a major campaign asking people to email City of Alameda
    Government in favor of their Master Plan before this May 29th Planning
    Board meeting to decide on their proposed plan. Don’t be confused with
    their new slogan that includes “working”.

    We are asking you to do the same and provide for your convenience a
    template form letter below to oppose the most recent proposal.

    Please send email before May 29th Planning Board Meeting on the
    Alameda Marina proposal. Attend if possible and sign up to speak (or
    signup to cede time to SAWW).

    City Calendar


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