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Thread: Achtung: @ 12 empty shipping containers floating (or not) outside the G8

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    You forgot winner of the wet sweatshirt competition.

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    Don't they strap those things down anymore?

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    I think all that plastic that just got dumped in the ocean is going to linger for some time.

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    From the front page story about Salvador the Cannibal, one could conclude that if he chose crew with all that junk in the trunk, he would have been well fed when they found him.

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    Proving Sal as a cannibal could be tough, unless he shared some of the gory details on social media.

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    Hey hey hey. For f*cks sake, please use his last name: Alvarenga.

    Thank you. Jesus, I'm trying to get a job...I don't want people to think they're going to get munched at lunch.

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    Wonder if he had sriracha sauce onboard

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