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Thread: Word Sailing Standards level Safety at Sea Course

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    Word Sailing Standards level Safety at Sea Course

    Paul Cunningham and Ashley Perrin have done it again! Another great Cat 0-2 level Safety at Sea course at San Francisco Yacht Club is in the books. This course is the real deal - RYA style. You learn (and retain) so much more with hands on training. The life raft drills were done in the cold, driving wind, and rain (Paul must've brought the weather with him from the UK!). It was scary to see how quickly your body temperature drops, how much energy it takes to maneuver in and out of the raft, and how the weight of the water in your boots and foulies slows you down.



    It was also good to hear more from Bryan Chong (Low Speed Chase). The take home message is that each of us are responsible for our own safety. Learning from other's and our own experiences makes us all safer sailors.

    It was a fun way to learn and to make new friends. I highly recommend taking this class . Ashley's and Bryan's websites also have a lot of good reference materials.




    PeaceOut, ShanaCruz50

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    Lesson 1: Only fall off the boat in tropical waters.

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