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Thread: 2017 California Offshore Sail Week

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    2017 California Offshore Sail Week


    Back in 2017, Encinal Yacht Club, San Francisco Yacht Club, Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club, Santa Barbara Yacht Club and San Diego Yacht Club are joining forces and races to provide you and your family with an exceptional Offshore Race Week that will take ocean-rated boats from San Francisco to San Diego with stops in Monterey and Santa Barbara. Bringing the historic Spinnaker Cup and a revamped Coastal Cup together and joining in with the second running of the SoCal 300, racers have options of completing the entire week long event, or they can join in for any of the individual races on their own. The schedule is set up to keep the racing fast and fun and also allow enough shore time for family and friends to meet the racers at stops along the way for a wonderful week long tour of the California Coast.

    California Offshore Race Week starts on Saturday, May 27 in San Francisco Bay and sends the racers out under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. From there the fleet will make their way 88nm to the port city of Monterey for a day long layover to get rested and ready for the sled ride to Santa Barbara. Picking up on Monday, May 29, the Coastal Cup starts in Monterey Bay and runs 200nm around Point Conception and into Santa Barbara. A multi-day layover in Santa Barbara will allow racers to repair damage and experience the local scene and all that this beautiful city has to offer. Santa Barbara Yacht Club will be hosting shore side parties and all the racers are invited to a ‘just for fun’ in-port race on Wednesday afternoon, which will see the offshore crews link up with the local Beercan racers who will also be on the water that day. The final leg starts on Thursday, June 1 with the SoCal 300 sending the fleet through the channel islands on their way to San Diego, a total trip of 254nm. The awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 3 at San Diego Yacht Club. California Offshore Race Week has been endorsed by Offshore Racing Association as the "California Offshore Championship", hence the winner will receive the trophy and title of the 2017 California Offshore Champion.

    Spinnaker Cup Ocean Race
    May 27th through May 28th

    The Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club and the San Francisco Yacht Club invite you to join their classic coastal race from San Francisco Bay to beautiful Monterey. Bring the family along and spend the weekend enjoying all that Monterey has to offer.

    Coastal Cup Ocean Race
    May 29th through June 1st

    The ocean racing picks up again on Sunday, when the Encinal Yacht Club and the Santa Barbara Yacht Club invite you to join the classic coastal race from Monterey Bay to the beautiful beach town of Santa Barbara. Move the family down the stunning Big Sur coast to spend a few days enjoying all that Santa Barbara has to offer.

    Santa Barbara In-port Race
    May 31

    On Wednesday join the fleet in a half-day in-port race around Santa Barbara. Experience Southern California racing in the land of shorts and t-shirts, then finish in the afternoon with the weekly beer can racers and join the party at the SBYC clubhouse.

    SoCal 300 Ocean Race
    June 1st through June 3rd

    Ocean racing picks up again on Thursday, when the Santa Barbara Yacht Club and the San Diego Yacht Club invite you to join the third running of the SoCal 300 Ocean Race. Move the family down the coast to spend the last few days of the week enjoying San Diego.
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    Getting close! Only 12 boats doing the entire week?

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    Good Transpac feeder!

    Hope they get some breeze!

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    How did Oaxaca land Liz Baylis AND Dee Caffari?

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    Not many SoCal boats coming north to sail south this time.

    Saving flyer miles?

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    If that program is accurate, the Coastal Cup looks good!

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    Hope nobody was planning on following the Coastal Cup down Highway One this year:

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    Breeze looking better for Saturday afternoon!

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