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Thread: Figure 8 Voyage 2.0

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    Does he know he's headed into a civil war?

    All kidding aside, congrats Randall!

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    Mo is due in Saturday:

    A couple of things to note first:
    1. If you’re working with our PR team please ignore these instructions as you’re getting special instructions from Heather. You know who you are. 2. If you know others (OCC members, other sailors and/or friends) you want to share this with feel free. 3. There is one RSVP invitation for the “shore” event at the Sausalito Yacht Club. If you are planning on attending you must RSVP on the invite or we’re not going to be able to let you in. If we don’t have your (and # of guests your bringing) name on the list we’ll be making sad faces. We don’t want to make sad faces. Please do not RSVP to this email. It will not get you on the guest list.

    Timeline /Location: Saturday, October 19th, 2019

    11.30 am: Moli / Randall estimate arrival at Mile Rock – Flotilla: Plan to be out there. �� Please note we will have 2-3 media boats with cameras etc. – People on land: You can drive out the Headlands and watch / take photos of Randall coming in. It’s quite a view but note that he won’t be able to see you. You’ll be too high up/tiny. ��

    12.30 pm: Moli / Randall estimate sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge.
    – Flotilla: Please stay on Moli’s starboard side so the folks on land can get their photo opportunities. – People on land: We’ll be on the breakwater at the end of Travis Marina/ Point Cavallo, Lots of parking around the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Limited parking at Point Cavallo. It’s a short walk from the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

    1:00 pm – 3:00 pm : Landing and official completion of the Figure 8 Voyage at Sausalito Yacht Club. RSVP TO THIS IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND USING THIS LINK. – Flotilla: Please hold back until both the media boats have dropped off their guests on the dock. Once that is complete we’ll be waving Randall into the dock. The only boat allowed to tie up to the dock is Randall and Moli. There are about 8 white moorings that you can tie up to if you want to come ashore in your dinghy. This are fewer moorings than boats so plan to raft up! – People on land: There will be no parking for guests at the Club. There are however several paid parking lots next to the club. Please make sure you RSVP to the invitation as we will have someone with a check-in list at the front door. Not on the list. They won’t let you in. Please don’t assume (and yes lovely family this includes you too) that we know you’re coming. ��
    The landing and official completion will include an award ceremony from the Ocean Cruising Club. A speech of some sort (I haven’t told him this yet) from Randall and many opportunities to take photos. Please remember that Randall has not spoken a ton to people in the last 12 months so be gentle.

    There are no longer any Sunday activities. We’re going to give Randall a moment to say hi to his family and take a shower.

    Final Notes and next steps:

    We already have several requests from multiple locations and groups for Randall to come in an speak about his adventures. If you’re interested in joining we’ll be posting the opportunities on the site so stay tuned. If you have a group or organization that might be interested in hearing Randall speak about his adventures please feel free to reach out.

    Remember to RSVP to the Yacht Club Event if you plan to attend.

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