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Thread: Rumors Of Withdrawals False Say ETNZ

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    Rumors Of Withdrawals False Say ETNZ

    Team New Zealand have sunk reports that the three late challengers have withdrawn from the 2021 America's Cup, confirming no Challenger has pulled the plug on their campaign.

    Speculation that DutchSail, Malta Altus and Stars and Stripes Team USA had decided to withdraw their challengers arose on Wednesday night, despite DutchSail expressing they were happy with where their challenge was placed earlier in the day.

    However, all six challengers to Team New Zealand's title remain poised to participate in the 2021 regatta in Auckland.

    "Emirates Team New Zealand has been, and remains fully supportive of encouraging the new teams into the 36th America's Cup joining the already very well established and strong group of existing Challengers," a statement released by Team New Zealand read.

    Reports suggested the three late entries had decided not to go ahead with their challenges due to the cost involved with them. The trio were expected to come up with a 25 per cent instalment of their $US1m entry fee this week, with the balance to be paid by the end of the month.

    Teams remain ineligible to race while their entry fees are unpaid, but with no racing until a World Series event in 2020, the teams have plenty of time to come up with the funds.

    "The payment dates for entry fees are not time critical.

    "The Arbitration Panel ruled that they are ineligible to race if entry fees remain unpaid but their validity as a challenger in the meantime is not affected."

    DutchSail, the first ever challenger from the Netherlands, admitted they had ground to make up, but remained positive about what they would be able to achieve.

    "We started in November with a backlog and we are working hard to make up lost ground," DutchSail general manager Eelco Blok said.

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    In Or Out? Late Challengers Challenged For Status

    Tom McRae of Newshub NZ Reports

    Newshub understands half the boats challenging for the America's Cup will not make it to the start line in Auckland in 2021.

    All three teams that filed late entries have failed to get enough money together to stage a challenge.

    Dates and course announced for 2021 regatta in Auckland
    Eight late entries to contest 2021 America's Cup

    It leaves Emirates Team New Zealand facing the prospect of losing millions of dollars, with its dreams of up to eight super-sized mono-hulls flying over the Waitematā now dead in the water.

    Multiple sources have told Newshub three of the declared challengers won't make it to Auckland.

    "It is not surprising that some of the challenges aren't going to make it to the start line," said veteran America's Cup skipper Chris Dickson.

    "It's an expensive game, the America's Cup."

    Newshub has been told that Malta's entry is "dead in the water" and "has gone dark".

    DutchSail is resorting to crowdfunding and says "the pressure is on" and "the moment of truth is at hand."

    Newshub understands that California's Stars & Stripes is currently drafting a media release announcing its withdrawal.
    That leaves:

    - Luna Rosa, the challenger of record;
    - INEOS Team UK, backed by Sir Ben Ainslie;
    - American Magic, from the New York Yacht Club.

    Just last month, the latter showed off how advanced it was, by foiling in New York.

    But the loss of three teams also leaves Emirates Team New Zealand out of pocket.

    Newshub has been told it will miss out on selling a design and technology package worth $5 million per team.

    "Team New Zealand has two jobs at hand - one is running the event and the other running their team," said Dickson. "The two are quite different operations and financially quite different.

    "But Team New Zealand, like the other teams, to be competitive and to win this thing again, they need to be generating $20-30 million a year to win - and I'm sure they're working hard on that. "

    The team would also be perilously close to breaching its agreement with the Government and Auckland Council.

    Under its obligation, it must deliver at least three challengers. In return, the Government has pledged $136.5 million, while Auckland Council will gift $113 million for infrastructure.

    The event is expected to pump between $600m-$1b into the economy.

    Work has already begun demolishing part of the waterfront to make way for the challenger bases.

    "More teams are always easier," Dickson said. "It's better for the media, it's better for publicity, it's better for everything - Team NZ will be disappointed.

    "But four teams make an event and as long as those four teams are there, it's going be just fine."

    Emirates Team New Zealand said no team had officially withdrawn yet - but it didn't expect all three to be there in 2021.




    SOURCE: Stars + Stripes Team USA

    Long Beach Yacht Club’s Challenge for the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada, Stars + Stripes USA, has not withdrawn from the America’s Cup and has no plans to do so. In addition to continuing its preparations for AC36, the Stars + Stripes team is racing this week in the 55th Congressional Cup hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club. Racing alongside team co-founder Taylor Canfield as part of his co-ed team will be Sally Barkow, George Peet, Jesse Fielding, Ben Bardwell, and Stars + Stripes team member Mike Buckley as tactician.

    LBYC leadership along with Stars + Stripes team leaders Mike Buckley and Taylor Canfield have doubled down on their All-American challenge and will continue to push to the end. The team has made structural changes recently and Mike Buckley will be becoming the CEO of the team. In addition, the team has recruited additional top-flight America’s Cup management, marketing and fundraising talent, including some from Dennis Conner’s victorious Stars & Stripes 87 team, to join the team and its Advisory Board.

    “The Stars + Stripes team and Long Beach Yacht Club have redoubled their commitment-to-the-commitment, as Dennis Conner was fond of saying, inspiring his Stars & Stripes 87 team to its victory down under,” said Mike Buckley, Skipper SSUSA.

    “What Mike and Taylor have created has resonated with the American sailing population. We are seeing this first hand here within the community of Long Beach” said Camille Daniels, Commodore LBYC.

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    I'm guessing, even if they are in, they are out.

    Makes sense to me.

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    Talk on the dock says Stars and Stripes having tough time attracting sponsors.

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    I think that realistically, those teams on the bubble should look at the next cycle if they are genuinely committed to playing in the uber expensive A-Cup.

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    The French have seemingly no problems getting sponsorship, maybe if they change their their Team to le French Connection and add
    a few "french/american" sailors?

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