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Thread: The unofficial inaugural YRA July 20th Two Timer: OYRA Duxship & Midnight Moonlight

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    The unofficial inaugural YRA July 20th Two Timer: OYRA Duxship & Midnight Moonlight

    Grab yer Ma, grab yer Pa and call it a ménages à trois! The SF sailing scheduling Gods have given us a unique opportunity to get two races in on one day, who's in? Both races are about 30 miles and unless the Duxship is a drifter there should be an hour or two in between races to refuel and rest up. Both races together aren't any longer than the Farallones race so this should be very do-able. As an extra incentive PhotoBoy has agreed to hold a free open bar and full service buffet on the good ship PB in between races from 4:58 to 5:00pm, first come first serve! (see exclusion criteria and fine print for bar and buffet details)

    The Midnight Moonlight race seems to fly under the radar just a little so for those that aren't familiar this is a super fun and unique race. It's a 30 mile pursuit race starting in Raccoon Straits, out to the Carquinez Bridge and back. Starts are pursuit style, first start I think is around 5pm and typically most boats finish somewhere around 1am. Get all the fun, thrills, chills and spills of night sailing without the sleep deprivation!

    And for any of you batship crazy shorthanders who felt like the LongPac was just too tame and easy, this is your chance to get a few more miles of sailing in!

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    Sounds like a crazy demented day/night affair.

    If there were only a Sonic drive in where you could refuel while on the water!

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    We attempt two 30+ mile races in the same day on our JPK 1080 'Psycho Tiller', sailing out of San Francisco Bay. We placed first in the 32 mile "Duxship" Ocean series race. First race started at 9:50am and in normal years the Duxship typically finishes around 3 or 4 pm. The Midnight Moonlight Marathon is a 35 mile pursuit race with our scheduled start at 5:59pm. What could possibly go wrong?

    Mini/micro report: Intentions were to get a couple of the GFP's as they started their 2nd race, but upon check the tracker
    and AIS in the late morning, it was apparent that the DuxShip parking lot was going to consume the majority of the day
    for most boats just to get back in the Bay. And alas, a 21:00 ais tracker showed on of them, Bright Hour parked up in the mud
    at Point San Pablo with tide ebbing....

    However, the SFYC's MMM did have a number of boats start on time, and the two Cal 20's

    Can o Whoopass and Saliente dueling out the 1st starts of the pursuit race to Vallejo and back.

    It was another year of early starters getting the best wind, and tides and daylight, with Paul and Greg Huffman
    Spent the late afternoon and evening chasing CoW up San Pablo Bay and back, with darkness falling about
    the end of San Pablo Bay. 12-15 knots of wind Paul reports, not anything drastic like the NWS had forecasted.

    The Cal 20's would finish 1-2 and, for the umpteenth time, Saliente would get 2nd place or 1st Loser,
    depending how you look at it....

    And for his efforts, Pablo would get another nifty backpack, just like last year!
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    That's a nice prize!

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    Now THAT is classic!

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