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Thread: Lake Erie Glows In Late September For J-70 North Americans

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    Lake Erie Glows In Late September For J-70 North Americans

    September 25th

    Postcard conditions on Lake Erie greeted teams for the first day of the J/70 North American Championship at Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland, OH. A south breeze from 12-16 knots and gusts in the 20s equaled perfect planing opportunities. Adding in sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s, everyone relished the three races to kick off the Championship. Oivind Lorentzenís team on Nine (Lucas Calabrese, Ian Coleman and Will Felder) rocked all three contests to take the early advantage with 6 points, after posting a 1,2,3. John and Molly Baxterís Team Vineyard Vines started with a seven and added two bullets for 9 points and second place. 2016 J/70 World Champion Joel Ronning on Catapult is only one notch behind the Baxters in third (scores of 5,3,2). Martin Johnssonís Aquaholiks crew of Jorgen Johnsson, Lindsay Hernandez and August Hernandez has the advantage in the Corinthian division. Lorentzenís Nine launched the regatta with a bullet, followed by John Brimís Rimette and Bruce Golisonís Midlife Crisis. The Baxter family took the second and third victories, ahead of Lorentzen and Ronning in race two, who flipped spots in race three.

    Images © Tim Wilkes and Christopher Howell

    September 26th

    There were gray skies on Lake Erie this morning until the sun peeked out for the second day of the J/70 North American Championship at Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland, OH. In a NW breeze from 15-20 knots, gusts in the high 20s and monster waves, teams completed two full-on races. Following a Redress hearing, Oivind Lorentzenís Nine kept a slight grip on their lead with 8.3 points (2.3, 3 on the day). It looked as though Joel Ronningís Catapult had moved into first, however they hold second place with 9 points (3,1 on Thursday). Team Vineyard Vines, led by John and Molly Baxter, fell to third with two fives, now with 12 points. John Brimís Rimette took a bullet for the dayís first race, bringing them to fourth overall at 13 points. Following one tick behind them is Bruce Golisonís Midlife Crisis. Martin Johnssonís Aquaholiks maintained his lead in the Corinthian Division. Ronning, who won the dayís final contest, said, ďWorldsí swells were very vertical while the swells here are wide and further apart, which led to an amazing downwind. You felt like you were on a cliff floating above the wave sometimes looking 7 feet down. It was a cool experience.Ē Rosebudís Pamela Rose said she is excited to be one of two women skippers at the Championship, ďVery exciting, very similar conditions from the Worldsí experience in 2018. It was exhilarating racing; we clocked 20 going downwind.Ē Racing continues through Saturday.


    September 27th

    Solid breeze continued Friday on Lake Erie, although from the South, meaning flatter water for teams vying for the 2019 J/70 North American Championship at Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland, OH. Four epic races went in the books, bringing the total to nine, heading into the final day of competition Saturday. Oivind Lorentzenís Nine and Joel Ronningís Catapult played chutes and ladders for the top two positions, with ultimately Lorentzen holding the overall lead, albeit by less than one single point (24.3 to 25). Twelve races are scheduled for the Championship. Nine suffered an 18 in todayís first race, which became their discard, however Catapultís throw-out is only a sixth so far. Temperatures reached the low 80s in Northeast Ohio, with partly sunny skies and a beautiful South wind between 12-15 knots. Kevin Morganís Wild Child took control of the 13-boat Corinthian division. Ronningís Catapult handily took Fridayís opening match, with Keaneís Savasana and Brazilís Haroldo Solberg on Viking getting in on the action. Lorentzenís Nine then took their turn at the front of the pack in the next contest, ahead of Pamela Roseís Rosebud and Keane in third this time. Solbergís Viking kept up their solid day by winning race eight, as Keane was again near the top in second, chased by Brimís Rimette. Following Bruce Golisonís Midlife Crisis to shore after the final duel were Lorentzen and James Prendergast.


    September 28th

    Oivind Lorentzenís Nine held a mere 0.7-point advantage over Joel Ronningís Catapult heading into Saturdayís final competition at the J/70 North American Championship hosted by Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland, OH. Light winds permitted only one race, and Nine nailed it, earning a second-place finish (to Catapultís 12th) to claim the 2019 title. Joined by Lucas Calabrese, Ian Coleman and Will Felder, Lorentzen tallied 26.3 net points in the 10-race series. 2016 J/70 World Champion Ronning captured the silver position with 31 points. John Brimís Rimette gained a third in the dayís lone contest, pumping them up to third overall with 38 points. Team Vineyard Vines led by John and Molly Baxter closed the Championship with a bullet, giving them fourth place on a tiebreaker (over Brian Keaneís Savasana) at 42 points. Kevin Morganís Wild Child with crew Mike Sheehan, Caroline Sundman, Sarah Paisley and Mark Hassett topped the 13-boat Corinthian division. Following them were Martin Johnssonís Aquaholiks and Charlie Pendletonís Bad Hombres. ďItís very exciting for me because Iíve been working at this now for a few years,Ē beamed Lorentzen. ďThe level of competition makes it so rewarding. Having good crew makes all the difference in the world. The thanks really go to them.Ē Although Lorentzen has sailed in the Great Lakes before, heís never done so in Cleveland. ďThe venue was a pleasureóthe wind, the welcoming club. Hopefully we do it again.Ē Willem van Waay, racing on Zaguero, summarized this weekís conditions in Cleveland, ď15-25 knots, 72-degree fresh water, 5-8 foot waves, 80+ degrees out. San Francisco is awesome, but this place, this week, is at a different level. Itís like God built a perfect playground for us!Ē

    Top five overall:
    1. Nine, Oivind Lorentzen, 1 -2 -3 -2.3 -3 -[18] -1 -10 -2 -2 ; 26.3
    2. Catapult, Joel Ronning, 5 -3 -2 -3 -1 -1 -4 -6 -6 -[12] ; 31
    3. Rimette, John Brim, 2 -4 -8 -1 -6 -5 -6 -3 -[16] -3 ; 38
    4. Team Vineyard Vines, John Baxter, 7 -1 -1 -5 -5 -10 -8 -4 -[36] -1 ; 42
    5. Savasana, Brian Keane, 4 -9 -4 -6 -4 -2 -3 -2 -8 -[20] ; 42
    Thirty-five teams competed from September 25-28, including five nations (Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico and USA). Thank you to Mark Foster and his Race Committee. Complete results may be found at the event website...
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    A much better glow than the lake had in the late 60's!

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