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Thread: SOLAS Big Boat Series Cancelled After Brushfire Smoke Chokes Sydney Harbor

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    SOLAS Big Boat Series Cancelled After Brushfire Smoke Chokes Sydney Harbor

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    Today’s Grinders Coffee SOLAS Big Boat Challenge, on Sydney Harbour, has been abandoned due to safety concerns.
    Spectator, public and competitor safety remains at the heart of all races the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia runs and with thick smoke blanketing the harbour and causing visibility issues, the Club feels this was the responsible action to take.
    “We’re very disappointed to abandon the 2019 Grinders Coffee SOLAS Big Boat Challenge but for the safety of spectators, public and competitors, we made the call,” Commodore Paul Billingham said.
    “The safety of all competitors, in addition to those working on the harbour, in the 2019 Grinders Coffee SOLAS Big Boat Challenge is extremely important to us and our number one priority.
    “The best available information is that nothing about the conditions will change in the short term so delaying the start wasn’t an option.”
    “Our thoughts, of course, are with those worst-affected by the bushfires – and those fighting the fires across the state.”

    (CNN)Smoke from Australia's bushfires blanketed Sydney on Tuesday, creating unhealthy air quality conditions for locals -- which measured 11 times the "hazardous" level in some parts of the city.
    New South Wales government's director of environmental health called the haze "unprecedented," Reuters reported.
    "This smoky period we've been experiencing for the past month or so, it is unprecedented, so these conditions are a risk to people's health," Richard Broome said, according to Reuters.
    Many locals are experiencing sore eyes, nose and throat irritations, he added, but those with pre-existing conditions, as well as young children and the elderly, "were at particular risk," Broome added.
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    That looks like SF Bay did last November.

    No global warming I can see.


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    I didn't think they had that much forest near Sydney to burn to create that much smoke.

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    Of course they do, it's just outback.

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