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Thread: Reopening Sailing On The West Coast

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    Reopening Sailing On The West Coast

    With an Abundance of caution, race organizers throughout the SF Bay Area and the West Coast are making preparations
    to begin restarting the 2020 Sailing Regatta Season:

    Of course there will be a strict protocol to be followed, such as this from the RYC:

    Established 1932
    RYC Wednesday Beer Can Races Organizing Authority: Richmond Yacht Club, Point Richmond, California
    1. RULES:

    1.1 This series will be sailed in compliance with Contra Costa County Covid-19 Health Order, issued April 29th, 2020 and as amended or extended. Subsequent Health Orders related to Covid 19 may result in revisions to the Sailing Instructions. 1.2 The sailing part of this series will be governed by the Rules as defined in the current racing
    Rules of Sailing (RRS) except as modified by the Sailing Instructions. 1.3 All competitors shall follow all notifications posted at the Club related to Covid-19 procedures concerning social distancing, personal protection equipment, and any restricted access to facilities. Subsequent Health Orders may extend or modify procedures and competitors are responsible for following such changes as posted at the Club.

    2.1 The Beer Can series is an informal event and advertising is limited.

    3.1 Open to only Richmond Yacht Club members in compliance with the Contra Costa County
    Covid-19 Health Order dated April 29th. If not racing singlehanded, crews must be limited to only those who have been sheltered in home in the same residence. 3.2 ALL ENTRANTS MUST REGISTER BEFORE RACING*; registration will be thru Regatta Network and link is on Club website. This is necessary to be in compliance with Contra Costa County Health Order and Coast Guard Covid-19 restrictions. 3.3 Sailing instructions will be available on line at RYC website. 3.4 * Registration costs will be paid by the Commodore of RYC.

    4.1 The first event will be scheduled upon approval by the County and Coast Guard and noticed on
    the RYC website. 4.2 Subsequently races will be held every Wednesday after first race day until September 30th unless
    otherwise noticed. 4.3 First warning at 1805 (6:05pm)

    5.1 San Francisco Bay waters near Richmond Yacht Club

    6. SCORING
    6.1 All races will count toward the final determination of the Beer Can winner.

    7. DOCKAGE
    7.1 Participants are to leave from their berths and return to same berth. Boats leaving and returning
    to hoist area shall leave at least six feet social distancing between crews at all times. No sideties allowed.

    8.1 The Race Committee will use VHF radio channel 69 communicate information about time to start, commercial traffic advisories, and other safety announcements.

    9. PRIZES
    9.1 Based on the Eric Arens special handicap rating system prizes may be given out sometime in the future.

    10.0 PARKING
    10.1 Parking in the RYC lot will be open to members only.

    11. DINNER 11.1 Post race events are not being held until further notice. No dinners will be served and club house
    is closed until further notice and only as allowed under any subsequent County Health Orders.

    COVID-19 Member Safety Protocols and Guidelines May 25, 2020
    Objectives The objective of this document is to inform all members of the procedures and requirements in place to ensure that we may safely access the Richmond Yacht Club (Club), with minimal risk associated with COVID-19.

    1. The requirements in this document are minimum requirements and everyone accessing the Club
    must act responsibly and in accordance with them. Due to the unique nature of this pandemic, all who come to the Club must recognize that collectively we are doing our best and cannot be held liable should anyone who may contract COVID-19 or a related illness after coming to the Club.

    2. Do not visit the Club if you or someone in your household has symptoms consistent with COVID- 19. If you are under a government mandated self-isolation or quarantine period, you are required to complete it before coming to the Club.

    3. Only members, guests living in the same household as the member, and authorized visitors
    (vendors, contractors) are allowed on the Club grounds or docks.

    4. Club members are advised to read and follow all posted protocols at the Club related to COVID

    19. 5. Club members are also required to follow current Health Orders as issued by Contra Costa

    Social Distancing Requirements

    1. Maintain at least six-foot distance from individuals who are not part of the same household or
    living unit.

    2. Wear a face covering when on Club property, consistent with the County orders or guidance of
    the Health Officer.

    3. Frequently washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or using hand sanitizer.

    4. Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or fabric or, if not possible, into the sleeve or elbow
    (but not into hands).

    5. Boats shall not be side-tied at the docks and individuals shall stay on their own boats.

    6. When parking, leave sufficient room between vehicles to allow maintenance of social distancing.

    7. Do not enter the Club (with the exception of rest rooms) or the Harbor Masters office unless
    otherwise permitted by the staff.

    8. Restrooms are limited to three people at a time. Please wait your turn outside the restroom
    should that number be exceeded. Please wash your hands before and after using the facility.

    Docks, Slips and Club Grounds Guidelines

    1. Members, guests (from your household) and authorized visitors (vendors, contractors) shall wear face coverings when on Club property and on boats when unable to maintain the minimum six-foot distance from anyone outside your household.

    2. Use disinfecting wipes to use on any common use surfaces that you touch when on the docks,
    slips, and grounds.

    3. Do not gather in groups outside your household.

    4. Use your boat head to minimize use of Club restrooms. showers are for live aboard use only.

    5. Avoid the common courtesy of helping others with their lines or accepting help unless there is an immediate need to avoid injury or damage. Wash hands or use sanitizer after handling someone else’s boat or lines.

    Shared Equipment, Hoists, Dock Carts

    1. Dock carts, hoses, hoists, and other shared equipment must be disinfected between users. Use
    disinfectants available near these facilities and dispose of any wipes in containers.

    2. Bring disinfecting wipes to use on any shared equipment surfaces that you touch.

    3. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each use.

    4. When using the hoist, maintain social distancing requirements. Please move your boat to a
    location on the dock that allows for maintenance of social distancing requirements.

    5. Club boats, race equipment, and the shop area are not to be used unless otherwise approved by
    Club management and may be subject to additional requirements before and after use.

    Events and Meetings
    1. Members may not hold events (sailing or social) without special permission by Club
    management and only after confirmation that such an event meets the current County Health Department requirements and is consistent with Club practices.

    2. Meetings are not to be held at the Club unless approved by Club management until further

    3. Events that are sponsored by the Club will be posted on the Club web site. Members may be
    required to register for these events and to follow all protocols as required under the event notification. Events may be limited in the number of participants.

    4. Individuals must be designated as the “host” for the event and may provide additional instructions or remind members of the event requirements. Please follow their instructions.

    5. Should any individual participating in the event be tested positive for COVID-19 within 5 days
    after the event, they shall notify the Club management immediately and notify the Club of any other individuals they were in contact with at that event.
    The Club seeks to protect our members, employees, and permitted guests. Your cooperation during this pandemic is appreciated and essential. You may be advised of these requirements by Club staff or fellow members and please be respectful and cognizant that we all are seeking to return to normal when allowed but that the Club is required to be compliant with the County Health Order. If you see practices that need to be improved or changed, please contact Club management. These protocols may be periodically modified or changed based on current conditions.
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    I hope that protocols can be met and things can begin to get back to normal.

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    I think that you can interpret the rules that you have to sleep together to qualify, so there might be opportunities awaiting!

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    Joy Returns To The Richmond Riviera

    The Wednesday Night Beer Cans returned the Brickyard Cove and the surrounds last night under stellar
    summer conditions, with warm breeze in the low teens and plenty of sunshine and smiles to be shared.

    As the photos will attest, the pent up desire to get back out on the water and engage in the very sport that
    most sailors have been denied for far too long was a gift, a blessing and a reward all rolled into one.

    Other YC's are sure to follow suit soon, provided that there respective counties move to the next phase of
    pandemic prevention protocol. And if no enormous spike in COVID 19 cases emerge and participants behave themselves

    Shout outs go to the race directors, city and county health care professionals, USCG, YRA staff for working together to
    try to regain some sense of normalcy...

    images©Ornaith Keane
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    "crews must be limited to only those who have been sheltered in home in the same residence."

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