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Thread: CG rescues 3 off pillar point

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    CG rescues 3 off pillar point

    A Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco MH-65 Dolphin crew with rescued members of the 30-foot sailboat, Freedom. The Dolphin crew conducted a rescue of the members after harsh weather conditions caused the Freedom sailboat to experience steering and engine failures in Pillar Point Harbor, California.

    Seems odd, no vhf or epirb?
    Anybody know those folks or boat (natural fitness, fractional rig)?

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    There is a thread "elsewhere" about this clown. Attention seeking guy with no boating experience, has delusions of fame, and is a general hazard.

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    Might arrive in Hawaii in 3 weeks?

    New record for unmanned cold molded fractional rigged sloop, 30' and under?

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    Where, specifically, would, the start line be though?

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    Thanks! Found it and read it. wow. Passed it on to inquiring minds and was sure to point out they weren't part of local bay/ocean community.
    Need to read the journey north- surprised they made it.

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    Wait, wasn't that boat advertised for sale a couple of months ago? Old half-tonner...cold-molded?

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    Was one of the Gemini Twins

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    Perhaps. It's a Doug Peterson designed cold molded half tonner. Not one of the Gemini twins. Skip Allan identified her in another venue.

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    Pity the boat is out there, past where any normal human could rescue her....though from earlier posts about the boat, she needs a LOT of work...and she'll need more, now.

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