It is definitely a challenge for organisers to build up their events under Covid 19 pandemic threat. Whatever the case, and following Costarmoricaine in North Brittany, Rias Baixas Cata Raid in Galicia, Open Dutch Challenger Cup in Hellecat, International German Championship in Travemünde and Lake Saimaa Raid in Finland, Lars Linder and SWE F18 friends are making final arrangements to welcome the 19 teams registered to sail 2020 Stockholm Archipelago Raid, from and back to Saltsjöbaden.

Everyone is crossing fingers for Swedish or other European governments not to publish any new restrictive ruling about travel in the coming week, but it is more than likely that teams should enjoy once more a memorable an awesome event.

The Venue

The Stockholm Archipelago stretches about 80 Nm from North to South and 40 Nm from West to East. It constitutes of roughly 36 000 islands, skerries and rocks.

Passing through Check Point Nassa. Photos © Ollie Hartas /Hartas Productions
The start and goal will be in Saltsjöbaden and the base camps will be on the beautiful Islands of Rånö in the south (one night) and the Lökholmen in the middle (two nights). This gives possibilities to round some of the spectacular Light houses Landsort or Huvudskär on day 2 and then to reach as far North as Rödlöga on day 3. The aim will be to start early (before 6 AM) at least one day to be able to reach all remote, magic places far from the base camps.

A possible course 2020.

Preliminary programme

Registration, tune up and welcome meeting is on Wednesday the 19th of August and the race days are from the 20th to the 23rd of August.

Wednesday 19th of August
– 15.00 Registration and equipment inspection, Saltsjöbaden
– 19.00 Welcome and briefing (with social distancing)
Thursday 20th of August
~ 09.00 Start, 2 legs
– Base camp Rånö
Friday 21st of August
– 2 or 3 legs
– Base camp Lökholmen
Saturday 22nd of August
– 2 or 3 legs
– Base camp Lökholmen
Sunday 23rd of August
– 2 legs
~ 16.00 finish in Saltsjöbaden
~ 18.00 Prize giving ceremony

It is a challenge to organize the Stockholm Archipelago Raid not knowing how many teams will come in the end due to the pandemic and different countries travel restrictions changing back and forth. Out of 36 teams that signed up originally, 19 teams seem to make it to the starting line. They are from Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. The level of competition is, as always, very high with many top teams and several winners from previous years. There are also several rookie teams doing the raid for the first time and a two teams doing a come back for the first time since the old “Archipealgo Raid”.
Confirmed teams 2020/08/12 (subject to national travel restrictions):

Nat Name Last name Name Last name
1 SWE Jakob Palmblad Oscar Wetterling
2 GER Stefan Rumpf Rotger Barich
3 SWE Fredrik Karlsson Niklas Nordblom
4 SWE Casper Seifert Henrik Almstedt
5 SWE Anders Dahlsjö Henrik Persson
6 SWE Peter Busck Magnus Du Rietz
7 GER Christian Schütz Maximilian Höpfner
8 SWE Anders Tengbom Stefan Engstrand
9 GER Martin Kreplin Daniel Eggert
10 SWE Gustaf Dyrssen Jimmy Hellberg
11 SWE Johan Bengtsson Ola Degerfors
12 NED Ad Noordzij Maarten Noordzij
13 BEL Patrick Demesmaeker Vincent Thery
14 SWE Johan Åhling Thomas Blomborn
15 SWE Nils Resvik Johan Lindeberg
16 SWE Gustav Tempelman Fredrik Ekman
17 SWE Kalle Kjerstadius Johan Tempelman
18 GER Ecki Kaphengst Max Said
19 SWE Tomas Ekefalk Johan Fischer