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The giant trimaran Ultim Actual 3 launched in Lorient

The Ultim Actual 3 of skipper Yves Le Blevec was launched this Tuesday, April 13 in Lorient.
The new, splendid decoration and the smoothness of the lines of this 32-meter long foiling flying trimaran (this is François Gabart's ex M101) have come to light.
The monster sets sail on Thursday towards its home port of Trinité-sur-Mer.

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After five months of work in Lorient-La Base, the Actual Ultim 3 unveiled its new colors on Tuesday, April 13 under a radiant sun.
The launch, organized in a small committee and respecting barrier gestures, was broadcast live on social networks to be shared with the greatest number and all of the Actual group employees.

In the presence of the competitors Franck Cammas and Charles Caudrelier and François Gabart
François Gabart, ex skipper of M101 , Franck Cammas and Charles Caudrelier, co-skippers of Maxi Edmond de Rotschild ,
all future competitors on the Ultim circuit, also came to experience this highlight alongside Yves Le Blevec and his team. .

Each time, we say that it is the most beautiful boat that we have ever seen, but here I admit that it is really very successful!
Yves le Blevec, skipper of the Actual Ultim 3: “The great discovery today for us was to see the boat with hindsight, in full light with its new decoration.
Each time, we say that it is the most beautiful boat that we have ever seen, but here I admit that it is really very successful!
And then, a day of launching is above all an opportunity to be able to share with everyone what has been our daily life for months. "

The hardest part remains to be done: win races and make people dream

Samuel Tual, President of the Current Leader group: “This is a very important new step that symbolizes, for us,
a new ambition and the new challenges that the company must take up in the difficult economic and social context we are going through.
I am very proud for Yves, for the Actual Team but also for all the employees of the group that we can share this wonderful event.
Now, the hard part remains to be done: winning races and making as many people as possible dream! "

Patricia Brochard, co-president of Sodebo and president of the Ultim 32/23 Class:

“A launch is a particularly important event in the life of a competitive sailing team. It is a strong symbol which represents the culmination of months of work
with the prospect of rediscovering the sensations of navigation and of testing your choices. The next challenge, which will see the Ultim fleet in competition,
is sizeable with the Transat Jacques Vabre in the fall of 2021.

As President of the Ultim 32/23 Class, I am delighted with this new stage for this boat which has a spectacular record under the colors of Macif.
By remaining in the circuit with the Actual group, he will continue to participate in the development of our class.
I am particularly happy that Samuel Tual and his company Actual Leader, who are pillars of the Ultim 32/23 Class, continue and reaffirm with force,
their involvement in sailing. In the current period, it is a good proof of confidence in the future. "