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Thread: The Determined Are Rewarded at The 2021 SH Farallones Race

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    The Determined Are Rewarded at The 2021 SH Farallones Race

    This past weekend's Single Handed Farallones race was not one for the faint of heart.
    The days leading up to the race outside the gate were filled with strong winds and building windswell,
    maxing out at midnight the day before the scheduled 08:00 start, with gust to 31, sustained wind at 25mph.

    With visibility lacking, and a cold drizzle all day in the forecast, it was no surprise that a dozen of the 41 registered racers opted out
    before they even started. As for the 29 that were hardy or self assured enough to brave the conditions, attrition would rule the day over course completion.

    Synthia Petroka's Hawkfarm Eyrie marching towards the finish in complete darkness, taken by Rebecca Hinden on her E-27 Bombora.

    For Rebecca Hinden, this would be her 3rd Singlehanded race, and she was determined to make it to the stinky rocks and back.

    "It was about 15 knots at the start and I had my #3 and full main up, it was a pretty quick trip out the gate one what was left of the ebb, which maxed out @ 06:45."
    Rebecca indicates

    Bombora powered up at the start

    The free ride out ended at Point Bonita ended and the breeze dropped below 10 and but the normal swing to the right never developed.
    The leftover swell was manageable, but not desire-able and Rebecca worked constantly to keep her genoa filled in the light breeze which seemed to be on the nose,
    no matter which tack she was on. A couple hours in, a lot of boats saw the writing on the wall and turned around, but Bombora plowed ahead.

    She arrived at the islands about 17:30 and rounded them with the genoa still employed. Listening to the the NOAA broadcast for the next couple of hours, hoping for some indication of building
    breeze, the indicators were feeble. By 19:30 she noted the writing on the wall and switched to outboard assist. She was 18 nm outside the gate.

    As Bombora finally slipped under the gate in the dark and cold, she was again able to sail, and noted running lights a short while off, and was able to catch up to the
    boat. It was Synthia, still battling the elements and determined to finish. Eyrie got the final finish of the day, and was one of only 4 to complete the race, crossing the line
    after 15 hours and 4 minutes, taking line honors and only finisher in division 03 , Rating 160 and over.

    The other finishers were Truls Myklebust aboard his F-27 Raven who finished @ 20:42:20 with a corrected time of 13:19:08 and elapsed time of 12:37:20

    The other two finishers were in the sportboat division, Jeff Mulvihill on his Olson 30 Werewolf, finishing at 20:57:57 with and elapsed time of 12:27:57 and a corrected time of 12:29:06
    and Robert Macdonald, racing his Olson 29 Nina, finishing @ 21:20:00, with an elapsed time of 12:50:00 and a corrected time of 12:51:11

    Eyrie at the start

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    Great determination and grit.

    You have to really want it sometimes!

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    I'm not surprised that Rob stuck it out on the O29......

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